Dr. Mukesh Shinde

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About Dr. Mukesh Shinde

It is oft presumed that the people from technical education and domain are artistically barren. Mr. Mukesh Rao Shinde with his multifaceted persona, mellifluous voice, and sanguine aura is a stark contrast to this popular prejudice. Currently working as assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering department in renowned MIT group of institutes in the holy city Ujjain, Mr. Shinde is a rising star in the field of aesthetic pleasure through various sources of art , such as , Singing, Painting, Concept Designer ,and Sculpture. He has also represented and guided teams of Indian Engineering Students at NASA,USA. Along with his valuable contribution in the field of Science, He ceaselessly worships holy Muse by his passion for Music.

He is the founder and Chairman of Singers Club, India registered by Rajya Anand Sansthan (Ministry of Happiness Department), Madhya Pradesh.

By the platform and medium of Singers Club, India Mr. Muskesh Rao Shinde is discovering, shaping, and guiding talented Singers and Musicians.

With his personal recording studio, Mr. Shinde uses his engineering talent to enhance qualities of talented budding Singers and Musicians and promote them at various online and offline levels.

He is also actively involved in research in the field of music. He is currently researching on visual representation of Ragas of music through painting.

Mr. Mukesh Rao Shinde works with a vision and aim of providing opportunities to many talented artists who have passion and potential but never got chance to prove it.

Mr. Mukesh Rao Shinde considers music to be an art with highest capacity for mending gaps of society and connecting man to divine.

By working on art for art’s sake, Mr. Mukesh Rao Shinde discovered the healing power of music that can mitigate negative influences due to decaying moral values and stress of modern life.

He finds music in everything and for him music is a the best and rarest combination of Pranayam and Dhyan.