Mr.Gautam Kale

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About Mr.Gautam Kale

MUSIC spreads the language of heart, touches the soul and enlightens the spirit with is UPASNA of NADBRAHM. When upasna is performed with instant love for music and devotion for GURU a Star like GAUTAM KALE rise on the sky of Indian music. Gautam received his initial training in music from his father Dr. Kishore kale. He went on to receive his further training from Mrs. Kunda Joshi and then from Pt. V.G. Ringe Tanrang a well known classical singer of malwa region. Gautam is blessed to have VIdushi Kalpana ZOkarakar as the true mentor and guide for making his career as a singer. Gautam is highly impressed by singing style of the great master of india classical music Pt. Jasraj. He is fortunate enough to take direct guidance from him & being his disciple Pt. Jasraj's soulful singing is clearly visible in goutam's performance.

  • Multiple interest and achievements of any artist enriches his original art from. gautam along with music has developed enterprise in horse riding and he was awarded with prestigious EKLAVYA AWARD for his achievements in the field of horse riding at the tender age of thirteen by Madhya Pradesh government krida parishad.
  • Music know no boundaries and no genres, a true musician is never held back by anything. Gautam has made significant achievements in classical Vocal Music, Light Music, Geet, Ghazals, Marathi Bhavgeet, Natyageet, Gautam's vocalization is characterized by a harmonious blend of classical and opulent elements projection devotional music and intense spiritual expression at once chaste and densely colored.
  • Apart from live performances gautam has been regularly offering his voice music albums, singing for Hindi/Marathi plays and composing music for reputed projects. Gutam's Passion for music & determination to take it to the next generation manifested in the form of opening a music college Sangeet Gurukul organizing various workshops where with his unique style of teaching creating lot of interested and value amongst youth.

Honours & Achievements

  • Received Prestigious Sudhir Phadke Yuvonmesh Puraskar Mumbai
  • Received 1st ramu bhaiya date award for the achievements and contribution in the field of music which was given by famous bollywood actor Mr. Achyut Poddar (Physics Professor of 3 Idiots.)
  • Youth Icon Award.
  • Represented Indian as a junior ambassador in fifth asian pacific convention at Fukoka, Japan.
  • Performed with a known harp player clio karabelias france.
  • Awarded first prize in a national lever completion for young classical vocal singer, organized by brihan maharastra mandal, new delhi.
  • Performed at puttpuri , prashanti Nilyam and blessed by bhagwan Shri Satya Sai Baba on vaikuntha ekadshi.
  • Performed in phagwara, Punjab
  • Malhar Utsav, Indore.
  • Performed with the world music group IONAH